31 January 2014

my new obsession

28 January 2014

Lush Skin Routine

25 January 2014

Dresses (Wishlist) from asos

23 January 2014

My 'hair' cure

17 January 2014

A cat's world

11 January 2014

Top 3 Favourite TV Show Characters

I have been thinking a lot about the topic of my next article. I came to the conclusion that I should diversify a little. Spice things up, if you may. You might not know that about me just yet but I am a tv series lover. I have watched thousand of them. So with time, I have been very difficult to please on the matter. I guess when you have watched so many tv shows, you get bored easily. I love very different kind of tv show. Action, drama, comedy or even fantastic theme can fascinate me. My most favourite ones would be (in order)

6 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

Do you have any resolution for the New Year? DOES RESOLUTION = BULLSHIT ? We are making promises that we won't keep. What is the point ? To give ourselves a little bit of Hope. Hope that things can change, that people can change. I don't think that kind of thing take one year or even less than that. I think It takes a lot of courage and a lot time to change.

3 January 2014

My makeup essential from last year (yes already January 2014!)

Hello there, lovelies!
As promised, I am about to review my most favourite makeup items of last year.
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