My 'hair' cure

23 January 2014

I change my hair too often. I get bored with it too easily and it has not been good at all. Even through I have never died them. I once even went very dark almost black hair. As I am very pale – almost ivory skin tone -, it looked awful. I decided to wait and do nothing and with time and highlights (a lot of them) my natural colour has begun to strike back. I used to have caramel blond hair that turned into some kind of strawberry blond. It did not suit me at all. So since then, I have tried many different hair style as well, leaving my hair weak. This British range of hair products Tresemmé Platinium Strenght really helped me. It made my hair stronger and they even grew a little bit faster. I would really advise you to try it if you have a boot near by. It does not cost a lot of money and really did wonders on my weak hair. I used both for almost a year and I can say that my hair is much better now. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that it made my hair a little greasy. I wash my hair twice - sometimes more - a week because they tend to get oily. I guess it is the perks of thin hair ahaha. So I would advise you to only use it once a week if you have the same hair type. Other than that it is a great hair care product. It leaves your hair clear, shiny and soft too.

What do you think ? Did you ever tried it ?
See you soon, lovelies !

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