A cat's world

17 January 2014

Did you ever notice that we live in a world filled up with cats ? They are just passing through you in the street with a casual meowww. Be assured, I’m not going nuts… Or am I ? Well…
I might have been crazy about this little “brrr” for quite some times actually. I cannot believe how much she is grown over the year. I have had this deary for maybe around four years. We adopted her when she was around two years old. She has her temper. Truly when she want peace, she gets it trust me ahah. Do you ever had a pet ? If you have never, I think you are missing out on something. Even cats that are supposed to be the independent type can bring so much joy into your life. It is the magical thing about animals. They are a person – so to speak – of their own with habits, character and hearts. Even through I have truly never bonded with dogs I am sure they’re pretty cool too. No jealous here! You have to forgive me I am quite the cat lady.
I have had the pleasure to met two cats along the way of life. One that will always be missed, he died at a younger age in the hands of man’s cruelty itself. It is really a terrible story that you would probably not want to know. But just know that man can be cruel as much as the wild animals can. I think in every human there is a beast. Some just listen to it way too much. I am pretty sure you will find me in twenty years alone living with 4 cats being happily ever after. Even if it does end up this way I would not be surprised or even unhappy with that I think. I love animals of any kind sometimes more than I love humanity. I know… Not cool. Anyway, just a peak at my bedroom window and to my ray of sunshine.
Let's take a minute to thanks our little friends!
See you soon, lovelies !

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