Top 3 Favourite TV Show Characters

11 January 2014

I have been thinking a lot about the topic of my next article. I came to the conclusion that I should diversify a little. Spice things up, if you may. You might not know that about me just yet but I am a tv series lover. I have watched thousand of them. So with time, I have been very difficult to please on the matter. I guess when you have watched so many tv shows, you get bored easily. I love very different kind of tv show. Action, drama, comedy or even fantastic theme can fascinate me. My most favourite ones would be (in order)
The OC, Veronica Mars, The Big bang theory, Suits, Greek, Teen Wolf, Castle, How I met your mother, Scandal, Nikita, Grimm, Community, Raising Hope and Modern Family. But I also watch others series but I had to narrow it down for you, guys. What's yours ? Do we watch the same things or not at all? What do you think of them?
Anyway, my idea for this article was to tell you who are my favourite TV show characters. It has not been easy I have to admit. Nonetheless, here we go. I hope you will enjoy it :)

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First on the list, my number one of all times will be : VERONICA MARS. She is this sassy girl that you can relate to so easily. I mean I have practically grown up with this bad girl. She was part of my teenage years. She helped me through so much and grow up in some ways. It might sound silly, I know. But it is what it is. So you can understand how happy I am that there is going to be a movie in Marsh 2014.

Then, the number two, this one was not easy. I mean how can I only chose two characters after that? It is so not easy. So many amazing characters out there ! Could you chose only 3, huh? I knew it. I did my best. So my number two is : ALEXANDRA UDINOV. I admire her so much. I mean after all she is been through, she is still standing. It gives me hope. She is not perfect (she has flaws as every human being) I like but she is strong, loyal and believes in doing the right thing. I'm so sad that Nikita has now ended. It had a great plot and a great cast but I guess all good things have to come to an end.

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The last one of my favorite. I hesitated a lot on this one since I could not named only one. So I would like to call on the stand : DONNA PAULSEN. She is the queen of awesome. If you have not see Suits, I think you should. I was very surprised but this show is very addicting! She is not one of the main characters I guess but she is still important. I love every one of her scenes. She has turned out to be a really interesting character and for that I decided to give her the last spot.
I hope you enjoyed it.

Do not hesitate to let me know who are your favorites and if you like mine. See you soon, lovelies !

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  1. My favorite female character would have to be Veronica Mars aswell ; I mean, this girl is all kinds of awesome. She's sassy, she's confident, she's really smart and beautiful so she's pretty much everything I want to be. She's amazing. And Kristen Bell is absolutely marvelous, so that helps.
    Then, there's Debra Morgan from Dexter. But I wouldn't say that she's my second favorite because I feel like I love her equally as must as Veronica and chosing one character above another is just a nightmare for me, haha. Why do I love Deb so much ? Pretty much for the same reasons that I love Veronica : they share the same humor, they are both confident but at the same time fragile, in some ways. There's just plenty of reasons, really.
    So yeah, those are the two first characters that come to my mind. Thank you for this article that gave me the opportunity to argue with myself for a bit, haha. And I really like your blog ; it's refreshing. So keep up the good work, haha.