29 January 2015

drugstore haul

27 January 2015

My new highlighter from NARS, the Multiple in Copacabana

21 January 2015

Healing oil spray by Macadamia

This Healing oil spray by Macadamia is one of my favorite hair products. It is on beauty routine since this summer. I think it is really soft and not greasy at all.

20 January 2015

Best memories of 2014 ; My Summer trip

19 January 2015

Why I took a step away from blogging

I'm sorry for being shit at blogging this past month. I have no excuses. I have had a very busy month: lot of work to be done and a project for my future in progress. I have been thinking about blogging and if my blog has a purpose. Is my blog irrelevant? I don't know. Perhaps you could help me. However, I enjoy writing quite a bit. I have decided that my blog will now be written both in French and in English. Some of you might know that I'm French. I love writing in English but it has been underlined that blogging in both languages could be a good thing so I've decided to give it a try. I don't know if I will like it or not. We will see. I'm also planning on doing more "personal" post. Would you like that or not ? I hope to get a few feedbacks from you guys ♥♥

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