18 October 2017

how I got into blogging


I first started blogging in January 2014. At this time, blogging was just something you did for fun. There were not that many bloggers out there. It was no industry, no opportunity for a marvellous job. There were a lot of fashion bloggers. Then, we all came together : the beauty lovers, lifestyle dreamers, foodies and traveling bloggers. Well, next thing you know, there were hundreds of bilions of bloggers all over the world. Soon, everyone was becoming a blogger. Then, Instagram arose and we all started to share more than our lives. We were selling a picture perfect life.

~ Old school blogging

Let's turn back time, my birds. Blogging didn't use to be so perfect. Back in 2014, it wasn't all about selling the dream, the perfect lives, only showing people what they wanted to see. It was more like sharing a piece of yourself, talking about your dreams and passions. It was more like creating a bridge between you and the world. Everyone was blogging for themselves and no one else.

~ How serenbird was born

What was the idea between Serenbird? I wanted a place to share my thoughts. I needed a place to express myself and to talk about the things I loved. In the beginning, I was sure I would never get any readers. I was not doing it for the fame. I was blogging because I loved writing but then the most incredible thing happened. People came across my blog. They sent me emails, followed me, left comments on my blogposts.


The world was responding. There were people out there.
And that, my birds, was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen.

~ Why I decided to write in English & how my style evolved

The very first bloggers I followed were InTheFrow & Llymlrs. They are amazing girls with a killer style. They were sharing pictures of their everyday outfits. I was fully aware that I would never be able to do outfits posts. I don't have the resources or the knowledge to do so eventhough I freaking love fashion. So I turned back to my other passion : makeup and beauty products. I wrote very small reviews and started taking pictures. They were far from perfect but I was trying my best. My pictures are still not as good as I want them to be but I've grown to love my blog. My style has grown and evolved. I love composing pictures, mixing patterns and playing with lights. As for my writing style, at some point I even tried to write my blogs in English and French but ended up sticking to English. It took too much time and I didn't have many French followers. I prefer writing in English anyway so I didn't see why I should do something I didn't like.

While I know I would never be a famous blogger, I'm very happy to be in the position I'm now. I have given a lot of time and efforts into this blog. What I am most proud of as to be you: my birds. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you for making SERENBIRD real. I would not be there if it wasn't for you. Now, I'm not only writing for myself, I'm writing for you, my birds. ♥

What about you, how and when did you get into blogging?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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12 October 2017

The bodyshop face mask routine


Hi my lovebirds,

This is a small review/the face masks combo I'm using at the moment. I've recently went back to the Bodyshop because they started to make Vegan products. As you might remember, BEFORE, the Bodyshop was far from respectful of animals. They were testing on animals and using them to make their products... I do not understand how it could still exist in 2017. Can't we ever stop being crual? Now they have launched a petition to ban animal testing.

The bodyshop, japanese matcha tea face mask.
I use this mask once a week - well, sometimes a bit more often. I like that it's a bit creamy and it's softer on the skin than the hymalyan mask. It's almost like it's a face scrub as well. It has such a funny texture for a mask. My skin always feels better afterwards.

The bodyshop, British rose face mask.
When the weather gets colder my skin tends to get very dry. I love using this mask once a week to give it a bit of moisture. It doesn't breakout my skin either. It feels like the perfect amount of moisture.

Both masks work very well together. They are both good on my sensitive skin. I can recommend it to anyone looking to have a complete face mask skincare routine.

Have you tried any of the Bodyshop's Vegan face masks?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

serenbird the bodyshop
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21 September 2017

Autumn goals

Hello my lovely birds,

I'm a huge fan of autumn. I'm one of those people who love falling leaves, colder days and crisp air. I love plaids, blankets, candles, knitwear and boots. I have decided to start doing a form of bullet journal. By that I mean, start writing down things I want to do each season and come back to you on them. What did I achieve? What didn't I do and why?

#1 Kick ass at my new job
I started a new job a couple of days ago. I freaking love it. I want to be as good as I'm supposed to be. I don't think I've ever wanted anything as much as I want this to work out.

#2 sleep more
I don't get enough sleep. I'm one of those people who are always tired no matter what. I've discovered an ability of falling asleep anywhere at anytime. I can litterally fall asleep in an instant.

#3 see my friends and family more
I didn't get to see people much last year or this summer. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get to catch up with some old friends at the end of summer. I definitely want to find more time to spend with the people I love.

#4 blog & be on social medias more
I love my blog. I have not had as much time to blog last year but I got back into it this summer and I plan on pushing it further. I want to go back to my older days of posting two to three times each week. I want to develop my instagram and take part in more twitter chats. I enjoy it way too much.

#5 spend less & save more
I have been spending too much the last few months. I need to get back on the right track. I already do a weekly declutter of my wardrobe which has been really helpful. By the way, if you want you can check out my Depop & Vinted. I need to save up a bit more now.

What do you wish to achieve this month?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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18 September 2017

5 European places I want to visit

Hello my lovebirds,

I hope all is well. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the cities I have not seen. I’m going on my 24th years and I feel like I’ve seen nothing of what the world has to offer…

One of my goal this year is to travel more. Fingers crossed, birds! I’m still a student so I cannot afford to go the US or to Canada but I’m hoping to manage to see more of Europe. When I ask myself: “where to next?” There are five place I dream of…

― Cardiff
I have a couple of friends who went there and cannot shup up about it since. I kinda want to be one of those people. My lovely bestfriend Lou was there a few weeks ago and went through the same process. If even my bestfriend feels like this is a beautiful city, surely it must have something special, right?

― Budapest
I was chatting with a few Hungarians friends and realized this city sounds amazing. I don’t know why I didn’t think of going there before. It looks very different.

― Krakow
I will blame this one on my polish friends. It turns out that in two years, I have met a couple of wonderful polish people. They have taught me a few polish words and made me some polish food. I have come to a point where I NEED TO GO TO POLAND NOW.

― Belfast
I almost ended up living there. I chose Limerick instead and was always left wondering about what would have happened if I didn’t. Belfast looks pretty good. Northern Ireland are you as amazing as your irish sister?

― Cornwall
After reading this blogpost, I fell utterly in love with Cornwall. I never thought of it before. I don’t know exactly why. It looks breath-taking. I can’t wait to see it for myself.

What's on your travel wishlist?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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