" it's discouraging to see how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. "

" the greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said "
I don't know about you but people often think that I'm mean. I guess it's one of the downside of being blunt. I'm honest but that doesn't mean I'm an asshole... - or maybe it does? I don't know, I'm open to suggestions here.
There is this terrible principle going around. It appears that you can't be honest. We live in a world of assholes. There is no argument here. The truth can hurt but it doesn't have to... For instance, if my answer could hurt someone I will hold it back. - well, at least, try to keep my mouth shut. That's why I don't get it... Whenever someone speaks their mind, people get offended. What's wrong with stating obvious facts, sharing thoughts and feelings? Children do it all the time.
I'm simply telling it like it's. I cut the crap. Life is too short. No need to add more bullshit to it. Life already has plenty of bullshit as it is. I guess, the problem here is that people read into everything I say. I, too, tend to read into what people say. Maybe, we should stop doing it. Or whatever. Do as you please.

Je ne sais pas ce qu'il en est pour vous mais mes propos sont souvent perçus comme méchants. J'imagine que c'est l'un des désavantages du fait d'être brutalement honnête. Juste parce que je suis honnête, cela ne fait pas de moi un asshole (ou peut-être que si. je ne sais pas, je suis ouverte aux suggestions).
Il semblerait qu'un principe soit devenu contagieux. Il semblerait que l’honnêteté n'existe plus. Nous vivons dans un monde d'assholes. Nous sommes bien d'accord. La vérité peut être blessante mais ce n'est pas obligatoirement le cas. Par exemple, si ma réponse pourrait être blessante je vais (au moins tenter de) la retenir. C'est pour ça que j'ai du mal à comprendre pourquoi dire ce que nous pensons est autant polémique. Si cela reste poli et non blessant, pourquoi devrait-on s'en abstenir ? Qui a-t-il de si mauvais à se contenter de pointer des faits évidents, de partager des pensées et sentiments? Les enfants le font fréquemment.
Je dis les choses comme elles sont. La vie est trop courte. Il y a déjà assez de bullshits dans nos vies pour en ajouter d'autres (inutilement) ... J'imagine que le problème vient peut-être du fait que nous interprétons les propos des autres. Moi-même, je ne peux pas m'empêcher. peut-être devrions nous tous arrêter de le faire... Ou pas. Faîtes comme vous voulez.

photo diary : my weekend away

Heeey lovelies! As you might know, a few weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Amsterdam. It was really nice. I got to discover Amsterdam. I had never been to Netherlands or even Amsterdam. Actually, I had never been to any country where I didn't speak the language. It was sooo unsettling. No matter how hard I would focus, I couldn't make up even one word that would make any sense. I can understand English, French, Spanish and Italian but also a few words of German and Russian. However, in that case, it was no help. Anyway, fortunately, most people in Amsterdam seem to speak fluent English. (hooray!) I've to admit, it was such a relief.

We had such a beautiful weekend. It was sunny and very clear. Sadly, Amsterdam was crowded that weekend. People were everywhere and so were raging bicycles. I couldn't believe it. Honestly, I even thought of burning a bike as soon as I got home - in honour of Amsterdam, of course. Joke aside, it definitely was absolutely frantic!

We decided to stay in an airbnb. Our host was absolutely delightful and his flat was sooo stylish! We ate local food and probably gained about 200 pounds in only one weekend - but well, food is life. In fact, we went twice to the same café - we kinda fell in love with their pastries! We did two museums : the Van Gogh and Rijks museums - I was advised by lovely people. I agree with everybody else. If you're there, check them out! I'm very fond of Rijksmuseum!
We walked around Amsterdam. I met a very nice Makeup Artist from the Charlotte Tilburry's counter at Bijenkorf. André was sooo talented and taught me valuable things! I'm soo thankful! It was definitely worth the wait... Consequently, I wanted to buy a few bits and bobs from Charlotte Tilburry but a lot of their products were sold out. Lucky me!

This little trip was a good trip but it was also sooo exhausting. It took me about 2 days to recover ahahahahaha I'm sooo glad I got the chance to go somewhere I didn't know. I'm so happy I discovered a new culture and city. I learnt a lot in just 2 days and a half. I wouldn't give it up for the world. I was asked several times if I entend to go back there... Honestly, I don't know. Probably not, Amsterdam was a bit too hectic for me...

I hope you enjoyed this photo diary :) It's always a pleasure sharing my days with you!
I was thinking of doing some sort of Vlog of my trip, would you be interested in seeing that? :)
I will see you soon and thanks for reading. ♥

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

“ I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be. ”
― Roald Dahl, My Uncle Oswald

My Palette Stash

I have no idea how it happened but I own probably way too much eyeshadows' palette. My Naked palette is a bit of an oldie though. I bought it back when I lived in Ireland - about three years ago, I think?! - so it's getting old as you can see... I bought my Chocolate, Too faced Palette about two years ago whereas the Lollipops Pink Palette was a Christmas gift from my friend. I won't show it to you as I already did here. Anyhow, what I plan on doing here is letting you know what my favourite eyeshadows are for each palette. So let's begin, shall we?!

My favourite shade is : Virgin, which is quite obvisous on this photograph. I also like : Sin, Sidecar, Toasted and Half backed. The only shades I've used are gunmetal and creep. It's probably because I have no idea how to use them... Do you have any suggestions on how to use them?
› You can buy it here.

Now, this is complicated as they are no name under each shade... The lighter shades are the ones I get the most use of since I have a fair skin but I can honestly say that I have used each shade of this palette at least once!
› You can find it here.

So out of the two, I get more use out of my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette!
What is your Palette Stash ? Thanks for reading and see you soon ♥

Je ne sais pas trop comment cela est arrivé mais j'ai très certainement beaucoup trop de palettes d'ombres à paupières... Néanmoins, ma palette Naked 1 est assez âgée... Elle remonte à mon long voyage en Irlande, il y a peu près trois ans... Je pense en tout cas. Celle-ci commence donc à se faire vielle... J'ai acheté la Too Faced, Chocolate, il y a deux ans. Et la palette rose lollipops était un cadeau de mon amie. Je ne vous la montrerais pas comme je l'ai déjà fait précédemment. Enfin, le but de ce petit article est de vous montrer mes palettes et de vous dire quels sont mes fards à paupières préférés. Allons y donc, mes lovelies!

Ma teinte préférée est Virgin, ce qui est d'ailleurs bien visible sur la photo ci-dessus. J'apprécie également : Sin, Sidecar, Toasted and Half backed. Les seules teintes que je n'utilise pas sont gunmetal et creep. Cela est probablement car j'ignore comment les utiliser... Avez-vous des suggestions?
› Vous pouvez la trouver ici.

Cette palette est plus compliquée à décrire car il n'y a pas de noms écrits en dessous des ombres à paupières. Néanmoins, les teintes les plus claires sont celles que j'utilise le plus souvent. Je dois dire que j'ai déjà utilisé, chaque teinte de cette palette, au moins une fois.
› Vous pouvez l'acheter ici.

Donc entre ces deux palettes, celle que j'utilise le plus et qui m'est le plus utile semble être la Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette!
Et vous, quelles palettes de maquillage avez-vous ? Merci pour votre lecture et à bientôt ♥

nars, satin lip pencil rikugien { review }

NARS Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil is a sheer and soft pink with a frosted finish. If you apply more than one layer, it can look less pink. It's like your lips but better... It's slightly less pigmented than your usual lipstick and is more of a buildable color. The texture is creamy and doesn't feel heavy on your lips. It lasted for about five hours on my lips. I like this lipstick. I like this Satin Lip Pencil for its colour. It gives me somewhat of a glow. If you're a lipstick addict like me, you will understand. Without any lipstick on, I look washed out. And this Satin Lip Pencil is sooo easy to apply and so wearable! If I could I would wear it everyday ♥
As a result, I really want to try other lip pensils. Do you have any recommendations ?
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon, lovelies! ♥

NARS Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil est un rouge/jumbo/crayon à lèvres assez transparent. Il est d'un rose tout doux avec un finish satiné. Si vous mettez plus d'une couche vous obtiendrez une teinte un peu moins rose. C'est un peu comme vos lèvres mais en mieux... C'est légérement moins pigmenté que ce que je choisis d'habitude... Sa couleur est modulable. La texture est crémeuse et ne semble pas lourde. Cela tient environ cinq heures sur mes lèvres. J'apprécie ce rouge à lèvres. Ce que j'aime le plus est sa couleur. Cela me donne un effet bonne mine. Si vous êtes une fan des rouges lèvres comme moi, vous comprenez sûrement ce que je dis. Sans rouge à lèvres, j'ai l'impression d'être un zombie... Et ce Satin Lip Pencil est très facile à appliquer et à porter! Si je pouvais, je le porterais tous les jours ahahah ♥
Du coup, je pense sûrement essayer d'autres rouges à lèvres de ce genre... Avez-vous des suggestions?
Merci pour votre lecture et on se retrouve très bientôt ♥

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