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4 November 2020

Hello my birds,

I don’t know about you but the current anxious and stressful climate is making me do shopping therapy. I’ve been buying way too much lately. Mainly clothes and makeup but also a few homeware pieces. I’ve been doing my Christmas wish list. I’m adding stuff everyday at the moment… It’s getting out of control. Send help…
I thought I’d share with you my current wishlist. I would love to know yours as well.

1. That Na-kd dress of dreams

I feel in love with the lace details and the fit of this dress. I don’t own any cream long sleeves white dress. Strange as I own a lot of white and cream blouses.

2. A white hoodie

I’m looking for a comfy white hoodie to wear with a leather jacket or simply to chill around the house on the weekend. If you know of any soft and cosy white hoodie, please let me know!

3. A black aviator coat or Shearling jacket

I already own an aviator jacket. It’s the best. It’s pink. I have been wearing it for years and it is still in great conditions. However, I find that I’m lacking a black or neutral jacket. I have grey or coloured coats. I have my eyes on a couple but since last year, i cannot seem to find one that fits… I guess it’s the curse of being 5”1 and having no shoulders.

4. A book from a designer (Yves Saint Laurent or Dior)

I have quite the book collection but I’m lacking one thing. Designer books. I almost bought a book from Yves Saint Laurent last year when I was at the museum in Paris. I’ve always regretted not buying it. I’m hoping Santa will hear me and get one for me ahah

5. A big beige scarf

As a disclaimer, I should say that I own a million scarves already. It’s a passion of mine. Besides, I live in a very windy city so I tend to wear them very often. I would love to have a soft and big scarf in a pale colour.

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

I already own this setting powder in a compact power. I recently spoke with a makeup artist and got the chance to try the loose setting powder. It completely changed my life. It's honestly even better.

7. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon perfume

I have had this perfume for years but I seem to have lost it. I’m so crushed. I love the smell. It’s sweet but not too sweet. The right amount that won’t make you sick.

8. Nintendo Switch

I’m late on the wagon but I feel like I would enjoy playing games. I have to admit it’s a long stretch as I never play games. I always feel tired and lose interest after a few weeks. This is the only reason preventing me from getting the Nintendo Switch.

9. White or sandy rug

I’m considering getting a big rug for the bedroom or the living room. It adds such a cosy and warm tone to a room. I love rugs but I have a cat so it would eventually end up ruined. I don’t know… What do you think?

10. A textured blazer

They are so trendy this year and always come back in style. I remember my mom used to wear them to work. I always dreamt of having a Chanel blazer or a Balmain blazer. I don’t think this will happen anytime soon but they are some fairly beautiful ones on the high street at the moment.

11. A beige bedspread

With the new bedroom, I feel like all my old bedspreads don’t go very well. I feel like I need more neutrals: white, beige, brown, greys. We need something not too over the top, rather minimalist.

What’s on your wishlist, my birds?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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