5 things i'm grateful for

15 October 2020

Hello my birds,

It’s been quite the rollercoaster. I’ve had a complicated month of september to say the least... I’m having trouble staying positive so this post is very good for my mental health. I'm strong believer of the quote: "life gets worst before it gets better". So I'm looking out for the best part. The best is yet to come.

Without further due, you will find my list below of 5 things I'm grateful for :
1. Mr B. we have had our ups and down like every couple but in the end, I’m glad we stuck together.
2. My family and friends. I don’t honestly know how I would have gotten through this month - even past months - without them.
3. My birthday parties. I absolutely bloody loved them. It was nice and cosy. I cooked for my friends. They got to see our new flat.
4. Kind People. In general, I was blessed to talk and exchange with pretty human and helpful people. They helped me get through a few things.
5. The weather. I love how it finally is. I was getting so tired of summer. Summers here in France are so warm… I hate it.

I have to admit I was also grateful for my gym. It has been a lovely escape. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, I have been deprived from my daily dose of fitness. Can you feel how crushed I am?

I want to know how you’ve been too. Let me know what’s up. How are you feeling lately?

What are you grateful for?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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