The bodyshop face mask routine

12 October 2017


Hi my lovebirds,

This is a small review/the face masks combo I'm using at the moment. I've recently went back to the Bodyshop because they started to make Vegan products. As you might remember, BEFORE, the Bodyshop was far from respectful of animals. They were testing on animals and using them to make their products... I do not understand how it could still exist in 2017. Can't we ever stop being crual? Now they have launched a petition to ban animal testing.

The bodyshop, japanese matcha tea face mask.
I use this mask once a week - well, sometimes a bit more often. I like that it's a bit creamy and it's softer on the skin than the hymalyan mask. It's almost like it's a face scrub as well. It has such a funny texture for a mask. My skin always feels better afterwards.

The bodyshop, British rose face mask.
When the weather gets colder my skin tends to get very dry. I love using this mask once a week to give it a bit of moisture. It doesn't breakout my skin either. It feels like the perfect amount of moisture.

Both masks work very well together. They are both good on my sensitive skin. I can recommend it to anyone looking to have a complete face mask skincare routine.

Have you tried any of the Bodyshop's Vegan face masks?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

serenbird the bodyshop
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