Dresses (Wishlist) from asos

25 January 2014

I love the winter season way too much. I love the comfy, fluffy sweater, the hat, the stylish coats and the wool blend scarfs. I love cold weather that only make you think of sleeping in your warm bed. I guess I am odd in a way. I don’t think many people share my opinion on the matter. I just feel very well in winter. Sure I always get sick once in a while but at least when you are cold you can always layer up. In summer, I always feel dizzy, too warm and like any good vampire my skin burns with the sun. Well, if vampires would exist. I am always in the pool or inside the cool air of the house. This winter I have had too much haul but there is still some things I have not bough yet. Since I am terrible at “not buying things I do not need “ I will probably buy those dresses soon. I thought I should show you what kind of dresses are on my radar lately. I am seriously into dresses at the moment. I have been snooping around ASOS for quite sometimes now...

Do you like it ?
See you soon, lovelies !


  1. I agree, winter is not that bad of a season. Depends how cold it gets:)

  2. I could not agree more! I happy to see you share my opinion (:
    Thanks for your comment and follow ♡ x

  3. I agree about winter! These dresses are so nice X


  4. Thank you girls you are truly the best ♥♥ xx

  5. Your blog is soo prettyyyyyyyyy!