Lush Skin Routine

28 January 2014

During one of my many trips to London, I finally decided to join the Lush Family. I have to say that it has been a delight. I struggled for years to find a product that would calm my sensitive skin. The worst part of my skin history was when I had my accident, I had to take a lot of pills and it really messed up my sensitive skin even more. It was a disaster, like I was going through puberty. I tried so many products at the time. Pharmaceutical once did not do anything than bringing more problems to it. And then, Lush happened. I was really well advised by a young lady that explained everything to me. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Since then, my skin is slowly becoming its former self thanks to Lush. You can see above my skin routine. I use all those products everyday except for the mask that I only use once or twice a week. For me it was a revelation. It was just everything I expected and honestly my skin loves it ! I appologize for the cat on my picture but she loves it too much to leave it ahah.

Did you ever try any Lush products ? What are your favourites ?
Take care, lovelies !

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