What's in my bag?

25 August 2017

Hello my birds! I hope all is well. I’m doing my very first what’s in my bag because I like to see what everybody else carries around in their bags I thought I would show you what’s in my everyday bag. Of course, I decided to show you what’s inside my small bag so you won’t be too scared by the amount of crap I take with me everyday ahahah

― the handbag.
Please note that this is my only designer handbag. I understand how controversial those bags can be and would like to point out that I can do whatever the hell I want with the money I earnt, worked and saved for many years. I started working since I was 16. I have always liked pretty expensive things and that's okay. I do not think you need one but I do not regret investing in my handbag. Not many people understand that but that's okay. I'm not asking you to understand why I would rather have one timeless good quality thing rather than a lot of cheap things. Simply respect whatever anyone wants to do with their lives. It's none of your concerns. We all do what we want and should always respect that. This is not the point of this blog. That being said, let's move on, shall we?

As you might remember from my 5 good things back in July I treated myself to a second-hand designer handbag. And yes, I'm in love with it and have no regrets whatsoever. I have always wanted to invest in a designer handbag. For a while, I was torn between a Faye, a Drew and an Antigona but went for the small Drew as I got a very good discount on it.

As you can see there are a lot of room left in this small bag. I can usually fit a few more bits and bobs than those shown in the pictures. I took this bag with me on my trip to Milan and found it so useful. I managed to take with me everything I needed for my days and nights out.

Fyi, my camera is not shown since I am using it to photograph this but it could easily fit inside. I feel like this is the perfect size for me. Besides, after wearing this bag all day in the Italian summer, I can assure you that the chain didn’t hurt my bare shoulder. To be honest, I was afraid it would. The only other bag I own with a chain strap is my Zara bag. It never stays put and hurts my shoulder after a while. For this price tag, it better be heaven on my shoulder. Judging by the past few months, I'm sure I will get a lot more wear out of this bag.

― the small purse.*
This delicate small purse was a gift from Radley London for my 23rd birthday last year. I love it to pieces. It’s so pretty and timeless with its gold metal and black leather. I have worn it for over a year and it still looks brand-new. I have taken it on many girls’ nights out and day trips. We all know how it goes… I can fit pretty much almost all my cards and a lot of coins in there. It’s just THAT good. Forever thankful for this gift from the Radley’s team.

― the rest of the crap.
I have a few random things in there like: tissues – well, you never know when this could come in handy -, chewing gum – I might have an addiction -, one of my fav lipsticks, my earphones and of course my phone.

What about you? What’s inside your everyday bag?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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