Veni, vidi, amavi: Milan

6 August 2017 Milan, Italy

Hello lovebirds!

I hope you're enjoying summer. As you might know from my Instagram, Snapchat or previous blogpost, I went to Italy. I spent a few days in Milan. It was my first time going to Milan. By the way, did you know that Milan used to be the capital of Italy? Milan should have watched for Rome...

My family is Italian but I'm probably the only one who doesn't speak fluent Italian. Well, this is what happens when you pick Spanish in school and end up mixing up Italian & Spanish whenever you try to speak either language.

We went to Navigli, Dome, Garibaldi, Porta Romana, Napoleone & Moscova. Mostly, we walked around and discovred all those districts. I took a lot of gorgeous photographs. I spoke some Italian. Well, indubitably, we ate a lot of delicious Italian food. Why are you even going to Italy if you don't end up with food coma? I was so pleased to find out that they almost always have Vegan options. There are a lot of very good Vegan restaurants as well. Italian Vegan ice cream was sooo freaking good as well.

For our last day, we decided to do something we would have never done before... Having a chill day. We decided to have a pedicure in korean salon. Strangely enough, we also did some shopping and ate in a very cute little Italian restaurant.

On overall, Milan is a very lovely city. I loved how different it looks from one side of town to the other. It's so charming and so different from any Italian city I've ever been to. The only thing which I didn't really like was how little welcoming people are over there. They look you up and down. They barely talk to you. Even in shops, most of the time, it felt like I was bothering them by wanting to buy something. Maybe, I was so lucky that I got to cross paths with the best assholes of Milan. Regardless, our hotel staff was the nicest and most welcoming people I've ever met. Next time, I will kill them with kindness.

I was so amazed by the street art in Milan that I decided to dedicate a full blogpost to it. So be ready for that, my birds! It's coming your way!

Ciao Milano, it was good meeting you. Salve!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on Tuesday! ♥ x

Have you ever been to Milan? Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Let us know in comments below :)

I hope you enjoyed this photo diary.
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