6 reasons why you're growing up - or old.

19 October 2014

Nobody feels like an adult. It's the world's dirty secret.

♢ You're no longer having a panick attack at the simple thought of ordering fastfood on your own.

♢ You often think : " Fuck it. I'm too old for this shit. "

♢ You have no clue. You litterally do not know anything about everything in your life right now.

♢ You have a hard time understanding the teenage slang.

♢ You have a household chart and it is completed on a daily basis.

♢ You feel quite nostalgic about your childhood.

Don't worry it gets worst... Oops I meant better. *I am joking, do not take this seriously*

* the photograph abouve is from my dear friend Louise. It was taken during a trip to the cliff of Moher in Ireland. We lived in Ireland for 2 months. I miss Ireland ever since. Louise if you see this photograph, we need to go back asap! And I miss you, my friend.

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