What if today was your last day

21 February 2018 Nice, France

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Life is a precious thing. I don't know when or how but at some point we all forgot how precious life can be. I rejoy in the simpliest moments of life. I love afternoons and evenings with my family of friends. I can't take life too seriously.

I have learnt that I can't stay mad. I can't blame anyone. I get tired easily. I don't see the point. I don't give a fuck. It doesn't fit into my fucks budget. Carring about what they did to me or what they thought of me, are beyond me. Something I used to do. For someone who never thinks before she speaks, I was always bothered with the results.

Some people just don't matter. Surely, I will get mad. I will shot and scream. I will argue. I will cry but in the end, I will let go. It will stop bothering me. It took me a lot of efforts and a lot of time but I can now let go. It's such a powerful thing to be able to let go of what doesn't please you. It makes you happy.

It has freed my time and my mind. It's easier. Why did I even care in the first place? What's the point of caring for people who don't care about you or what they do to you?

If I had any advice to give to you, my bird, it would be to stop giving a fuck. It's such a wonderful thing.

Dance like nobody is watching. Speak like no one is listening - they are only pretending anyway. Put yourself first once in a while. Do something just for you. Be yourself and fuck the rest. Live today as if it was your last.

What if today was the last day of your life? What would you do?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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