Outside the lines

15 August 2017

Hello lovebirds,

I'm that kind of person. I trust my guts. I don't do usual. I do weird, out of the box. Stand alone. All or nothing. Ride or die. Jump in or out. No tip-toeing, no thinking before I speak. I don't believe in words. I don't believe in settling for something. I don't believe in second choices. I would rather do nothing than to half do something. I don't trust appearances. They are always misleading. Things are always more complicated than that. There are always two sides to every story.

However, I can understand why someone would consider it. It brings security. It brings some kind of confort in knowing that you won't have to work twice as hard. It can also be a safety net. It's a safe bet.

Life ain't easy. So why should you complicate things? Why should you pick the complicated over the plain simple? Why bother? Because it makes you feel alive. Taking a risk makes your heart beat ten times faster. Being bold and brave are exhilarating. Saying yes - and no when necessary - to life is what makes it so surprising and wonderful.

What do you think about settling? Have you ever had to settle?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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