21 December 2016

Hey my birds. I hope you're having a lovely time. I'm loving this winter weather. I love comfy and soft sweater, big scarves, booties and hats. So yeah, baby, it's cold outside and I love it.

I'm having a bit of time today so I thought I would chat with you. Christmas is almost here. Only a few days to go before the weekend. This year, I don't have a winter break but I have a little trip planned for next weekend and I'm coming home for Christmas.

I've not been home in months so I can't wait to see everybody. It should be fun.

I haven't blogged in a while and I've missed it so damn much. I've missed you, my lovebirds.

Let's get back on topic, shall we?

We all know how much I love rambling but well, I'm here to talk about Christmas. I'm not overly found of Christmas but I like buying presents for people and getting to see my family. I'm hoping this Christmas will be full of family time. Anyway, we all know how much of a ball of stress Christmas can be so here are my few tips on how to survive Christmas :

1. If you haven't bought all your presents - yes you're in deep sh**. Good luck finding a gift. There is always gift cards. We all know how much thoughts are put into those ahahah You might still be able to get NEXT DAY delivery though or you can always go into shops like the rest of us.

2. Eat light cause babe, your belly is going to be huuuuge in a few days. You might even have to eat twice your size... So prepare yourself physically and mentally.

3. There is 50% chance you'll have to sit next to that relative you absolutely hate and is always so damn rude. I would advise to keep your mouth full at all time or to keep his/her glass full.

4. To answer those annoying - and equally tricky - questions we always get at Christmas, I have only one trick, ladies and gents, surprise them. Go with the most choking, suprising, unsettling answer you could probably think of. I can assure you, it'll shut them up faster than you can slip that wine. Oh boy, it's so fun.

5. Chill, babe. That new year party is just around the corner. Besides, let's think for a moment about all the presents you'll get and how lovely it'll be to see everybody...

If you have any other tips or any Christmas story, please do share in the comments below. I'd love to read what you have to say :) Thank you for reading and I'll talk to you soon x

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