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17 August 2016

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Why are you still single? Is something wrong with you ? Do you chase them away? Those are the kind of questions you're getting used to if you're single like me. Until they eventually stop and become used to the fact that you're still single. Then it becomes something like : you're going to stay single forever. you clearly are never getting married. For the record, I'm only 22 years-old. I clearly didn't realize that my clock was already ticking... Sorry about that, folks!

I recently saw the movie : how to be single. If you have not seen it yet, you definitely should! It's very funny but not that realistical about my single life. I might be doing it all wrong... Who knows... I lost my leaflet on life years ago...

I know, a lot of bloggers are actually not single. We've all seen their handsome boyfriends. Well, I'm not one of them. My last romantical relationship was in high school. It ended about a year after I graduated high school. Since then, I've been single. Unfortunately - or not - my life is nothing like in the movie how to be single.

serenbird - lifestyle blog

I'm not the kind of girls who gets noticed by guys. I don't get picked or even chased after. Guys don't flirt with me. I'm your average petite brunette with a big personality. I'm blunt, friendly and clumsy. I get bored too easily. People both annoy me and amaze me. I hate judgmental pricks and injustice. I'm probably boring as well. I like being on my own. I love my freedom.

To be honest, I've only been in love once. I'm not even sure he felt the same way. I will give you more details...
Once upon a time, I fell in love with a guy that lived in a far away land and then it was over before it even began because life isn't a love story. It's simply life and people are deceitful.

serenbird - lifestyle blog

And after that, there is simply nothing. I haven't had time. I've been focused on other things. I've been working and studying. I've been trying to built a life for myself. I've been trying to have a future. Maybe, they are right and maybe it's too late now.
After all, having a boyfriend by my side might not be something written in my stars. Well, perhaps, someday if I'm lucky enough. I guess, if you're an handsome and nice guy who likes me, here is your chance. If you don't hurry, dear future boyfriend, you might miss out on your decade of missed opportunities... I guess I should add that I'm single and ready to mingle... - or not. If you're single like me, I understand. I get how annoying those questions are. Let's all agree and vote for their extinction. Give us a break. Having - or not having - a special someone in my life doesn't define me. We are our own person. I wish you all to find whatever / or whoever / you're looking for...

However, if you're in a couple, stop talking about your special someone and try to remember that other people still matter when you're not single. We get it, okay? Message received. You're not single like us. Get over yourself! It doesn't make you any better than us, the single folks! Anyway, I hope you're all having a good week even if you're not single.

What about you, what are you thoughts on love and relationships? Do you have a special someone in your life?
Thanks for reading and I'll see you on Friday ♥

serenbird - lifestyle blog
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