4 things I don't understand

24 August 2016

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Hey my lovebirds! I sat at my desk for a while, searching and thinking about what I should write. I always have a lot to say but lately I've been struggling. I have so much on my mind. I've felt so alone. I've been scrutinising my surroundings. As always I'm equally amazed and annoyed. I'm constantly fighting the urge to understand the world. I'm constantly questioning and testing the waters. Things always seem to evolve.
I'm in my 20s and there are a lot of things I don't understand. I CLEARLY don't have life figured out. It's so messy and complicated. The following blog is meant to be light-hearted and - kinda - funny. Don't take it - too - personally! It's only my stream of consciousness.

Sales Assistants who are rude.
This is certainly the most common things I've faced. If you've ever been to one of the MAC stores, you know exactly what I mean... In fact, I need to know... Is it a requirement ? Do you have to be a prick to work for MAC cosmetics ? They are a lot of other places like that. For instance, Sephora is one of them as well. It happens to the best of us. Don't get me wrong, not all sales assistants are obnoxious. I've also met some of the sweetest sales assistants. I guess there are simply too many a*holes in this world. BE NICE!

people who believe they're better than everybody else.
Speaking of them, let's talk about those vile individuals. Those who think they are THE SHIT. That is to say better than the rest of us. Dear obnoxious people, what made you this way ? I don't understand you at all. Simply because you're awesome doesn't mean you have to shout it. STAY HUMBLE! I don't get it. It spoils everything. Be yourself and don't throw up on someone else's parade. Love yourself and tolerate others. Is it too much to ask?

People who thinks they know you.
That's so ridiculous. Can you really know someone ? I don't think so. It takes time to really get to know someone. People are constantly changing. They evolve. Sometimes you can't even recognize them. Nothing is ever what it seems. DON'T JUDGE WITHOUT KNOWING.

Online shops that messes up your order.
It happens sometimes. Error is human. It's okay to fail sometimes. It's okay to make a mistake BUT when it happens every damn time. It's simply my q. Don't they check orders before sending them away? I guess, you have to BE CAREFUL of WHO YOU TRUST.

What are some things that you don't understand? I would love to know what's going in that beautiful mind of yours! Share it with me, in the comments down below or over on my twitter (@serenbird) :) Thanks for reading and I'll see you on friday! ♥

serenbird - lifestyle blog
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