quote of the week #7

20 July 2014

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This too shall pass.

As you know, 2013 was not a good year for me. I decided that from now on, I will try my best at being positive. I focus on the goood things in my life and how blessed I am for having the best people in my life right now. I went to a very dark place. I thought I could never feel ok again. But I was lucky enough to be surrounded with people that helped me get through the whole thing. Unfortunately, I've lost people along the way. I've kept my distance from a lot of people too. They had negative influence on me, on my life. They dragged me further down instead of helping me up. I know it is not just as simple as that : letting go of those people. Why ? Because, they are not just people. They are people with memories. They are people you have cared about for a long time. They are people that you met at a certain point in your life. They are history. They hurt you. They left you behind that one time and the other before that. They only speak to you when they need you. It's a one way street. AND NOBODY, YES NOBODY, DESERVE A ONE WAY RELATIONSHIP. It does not matter if they are an old boyfriend or some old friends. Sometimes, making that one hard decision can be tough but it is worth it. In fact, I believe everything 'worth it' in life is never easy or simple to achieve. So, no, it won't be easy. I can't promise you, you won't miss them. But, damn, you'll be a lot better without them. People come and go into our lives.
And sometimes, it is for the best.

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