My new hair

26 July 2014

I have been struggling with my hair colour for a while now. When I was about 12 years old, I began to have white hair on my head quite quickly. My ant was a hairdresser back then so she coloured my hair at her salon. There was that one time I ended up with very black hair color - which was not done by my ant but one of her employees. I hated it as I have fair skin and dark brown eyes. I was not myself. It was not me. I guess that is probably where the whole thing started. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted ashy blond hair. Lucky for me, I became a true blond a few years ago thanks to a lot of highlights and hair colour. I had to do touch up every three weeks. I loved my hair at first but it turned quickly in a warm toned blond hair colour. I was not a fan. It was a lot of work to avoid brassiness so I decided to do an ombre hair. I went back to dark blond middle lengths, brown roots and light locks. I loved it. Then again, my hair decided to change its colour. I use colour friendly shampoo, fyi but I guess that is not enough. As hard as it was to get rid of my blond hair, I'm now a brunette. First, about two months ago I did a chocolate color at my usual hair salon. At first, it was very hard to not see any blond hair at all, since I have always had at least some highlights in my hair for about almost a decade. I am not very found of warm hair tones on me. It had a reddish tone that make me feel like I had red hair (Again, I like it better on others) - which I was told was necessary in order to neutralize the previous yellow tone in my hair.
With my holiday coming up, I had a few spare time and money to spend so I decided to make an appointment. I went to my usual salon but my hairdresser was not working that day so I was quite anxious. I talked a lot with the hairdresser that was going to take care of me. I explained exactly what I wanted and what I did not wanted (maybe too much of the latest part). We looked at a lot of color chart together in order to make sure we were on the same boat. She did some highlights on the top of my head and toned my hair in the end in order to get rid of any unlikeable reflections in my hair. I have to say I was very pleased with the result I got. It is way softer. I don't know if it will last but I love my new highlights and the general outcome of the whole thing. She also cut my hair and curled it. It was very beautiful. I wish I was able to curl my hair this way on my own! My friends do agree with me on this one, the red incident was not me - my style. I do think someday I will find the perfect hair color and hair style and think THAT IS SO ME.

What do you think of my new hair ? Do you change often your hair color?

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