Lauren Conrad ~ Beauty

24 July 2014

I love learning. It might sound stupid but I love learning/reading about beauty, fashion and pretty much everything. I don't know I feel like I could read about pretty much anything online or not and find it interesting. I just love learning I guess whatever that means.
I bought this book because I felt like I needed to new more about Beauty. How can you blog about something you're not completely good at ? Well, I feel like you could but I wanted to know more. I always do. Me, challenging myself too much?! I do not see where you got that idea... So naturally, I decided to read a book from my inspiration for years : LAUREN CONRAD. I learnt a lot about beauty and her experiment in the matter. She gathers everything she could learn on the matter. She also gives you ideas of make up, hairstyles and nailarts. I liked this book. I have not read the whole thing yet as I have been running out of time those past weeks. So far, I have read a bit of each part. It has been a delight. She seems so lovely and gives you solid knowledge if like me you are no pro.

♢ Find it : here

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