Quote of the week #3

3 March 2014

Food for thoughts.. ♡
“Life is spectacular. Forget the dark things. Take a drink and let time wash them away to where ever time washes away to.”
― Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now

So I have been reading this "spectacular" book for a couple of weeks (since I have been pretty busy I take my time, enjoying every little cute pages). I love the way it is written. You can truly understand the main character. It's like you can feel what he feels. So cute. I'm in love with everything just like him. Seriously, it has been a pleasure to read the few chapters I have read so far! Can't wait to get more time to read it !! One last one for the road ;)

“ Books seem a little old-fashioned, but hey, I can do old-fashioned if it's good.”


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  2. beautiful quote

    love Vikee

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  4. I hope we could all live by that.

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