Spring wishlist outfit

21 February 2014

With Spring coming ahead I thought I'd make a new wishlist. On my shoping list are the items exposed above. I have a soft spot for the color red those days. Pastels are - after all - the shade of spring. I think that cute dress can be associated with so much and make so many different looks. I would wear it with red tones, black and pastel pink or beige. The shoes are a musthave for me, a good classic. You can never go wrong with a black pair of sandals. Both jackets are lovely and add a 'masculine touch' to the outfit that breaks w the girly aspect. And then comes the shoulder bag, oh dear. Like I said I am in need of adding some 'red' in my wardrobe. I simply love this one. It's classy and casual, small but not too small plus you can just 'drop it on your shoulder'. I do not often buy leather bags since I tend not be cautious enough with my bags. Most of all, I get bored too easily. So, here is my wishlist for a spring outfit. Hope you enjoyed it!

As you can see, I have spiced things up this week and made some (little) changes on my blog. What do you think? Spring is even on serenbird! ;)

What do you think?
See you soon, lovelies !