Lipsticks and Lip Lacquers madness

11 February 2014

Up until recently I did not own any lipstick or lip lacquer. As you can see I have gone into some kind of haul for the past few weeks. I have fell in love with the one above. My first lipstick ever was the NARS one which is great but too expensive if you want my genuine opinion. It is very discrete. You can barely see it. My Lip lacquers had my heart at the first moment we met. You get to decide exactly how much you want to put into your lips. I mean you can have an intense colour or just a discrete shade. It is as your convenience, you can decide for yourself. Well, you always can but you know what I mean ;) Unfortunately, I’m at the moment to shy to wear them everyday. I feel ridiculous… I don’t know… Like I’m trying too hard or that it does not suit me at all. Did you ever got the same feeling ? Hopefully as I love those products, I might get used to it and do what I do best : “don’t give a shit about what people think or what I think myself”.

By the way, I ask for your forgiveness regarding the quality of the pictures this week. Since I forgot my camera at my parents’ house, I will be forced to take pictures with my phone. I will do my best but you know it won’t be the same.
Do you often wear lipstick ? Have you ever tried one of those?
See you soon, lovelies !


  1. honestly rimmel has been on a roll lately with their lipsticks and lip lacquers! seriously loving the apocalips in big bang!xx

  2. Serena your blog is so precious! I have the same rimmel lip liners and absolutely love them, perfect for a bold lip!

  3. @Nia : I agree ! Definitely one of the best ♥ x
    @Rinako : Thank you ♥ x
    @Melissa : Thank you ♥ I'm glad you're a rimmel girl yourself :) x