Etsy : a great community of cute manmade objects

9 February 2014

Have you ever heard of this website ? I think it is pretty cool. I have ordered in the past about six or five times. I have each time be delighted. I love the quality of each product. There is a real difference. What I also think is quite amazing, - I might be quite old school on this one – is the fact that you can order in one click all over the world. I always wished I was good enough to do something with my hands. I mean they’re all so talented ! I am always full with ideas but I don’t have the means to realize it. It is just too bad… Anyway, enough talk about me. As I was saying Etsy is a pretty cool community of genuine people – I will still advise you to pay with paypal, just in case. As you can see, I bought three rings and a bracelet about a month ago. Only the bracelet is made of silver. I think I simply love it. It is just so cute. My girly heart is full of it. I wear them almost every day – depends on my outfit for the rings. I never took off the bracelet, as I know if I do so I will forget to wear it. I’m not very good with remembering stuff unfortunately.

Did you ever bought anything from Etsy ?
See you soon, lovelies !


  1. Cool Blog! I've never been but sounds pretty cool! Officially your 12th follower :) If you could check out mine & maybe follow that would make my day!


  2. Thank you ♡ ♡ I will do so :) Hope to see you around more often! Thanks again for the support and your comment ♡