Photo diary : ich bin ein berliner

11 July 2018 Berlin, Allemagne

Hello my lovely birds,

I hope all is well. Last month I went on holidays with my dear friend Melissa. We discovered Berlin. It was my first time in Germany and it was not what I expected. Bare in mind that I understand and speak very few german. It was funny to try to make it work despite it. Thankfully, most of them speak fluent english. I loved the architecture. I loved the colourful buildings and their open steets. Their public transport system is fairly amazing. They have many options for traveling around the city: coaches, subways, trains... However, the german logic is very far from mine. We had a hard time understanding how everything worked. On the last day we had lunch in a lovely vegan restaurant. I tried and adopted vegan asian food. I was so amazed by how many vegan options were available everywhere throughout my journey. I'm definitely jealous of every country I visit. In that department, we are so far behind in France. On overall, I enjoyed Berlin and its lay back vibe. In my head, I'm already planning my next trip there ahaha

Have you ever been to Berlin?

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