The reconciliation { review }

15 May 2017

Hello lovebirds! I hope you'll have an awesome week.

For the past few months I've not being wearing any eyeshadows. I couldn't be bothered. Any eyeshadow I tried would vanish poorly throughout the day. It didn't matter what brand it was or if I was using a primer or not. Each time, it will not stay put. This is the reason why I stopped wearing eyeshadows. I left behind all of my beautiful makeup palettes. I skipped this step of my makeup routine... I was ready to give up on wearing eyeshadows.

Well, it was until I came across the Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadows. It is a dream. It lasts all day, doesn't budge and looks perfect without even any effort. It is just perfect until I remove it. It is also very easy to apply. I couldn't recommend it enough! Especially as the warmer days are upon us... I can sense that I'll get even more uses out of those eyeshadows!

I went for two pink eyeshadow. One has a gold tone and the other one is more neutral. Creme de rose is quite silmilar to my skintone. It allows me to have a flawless base whereas Pink Gold is a lovely pink which I have enjoyed wearing. It's less common. It's a good way to put some spring colours into any makeup routine!

What about you, do you often wear eye shadows? Let us know in the comments.
Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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