The Ultimate Activated Charcoal Beauty Guide *guest post*

28 April 2017

Heyyy my lovelies! I'm here today with something special. This post is brought to you by Zara. You can find her on highstylelife :) Without further due, I'll let you read her insightful article! I will see you soon and I hope you'll like this guest post and reading her overview on charcoal ♥

Although charcoal has been around for longer than we can all remember, the craze for it in the beauty world has only recently reached its peak. In search of the Holy Grail beauty products, especially those natural ones, we often forget to stop and do the research before jumping on the popular bandwagon of the day. This is why it is important to do some digging and see whether every trend, charcoal included, is worth pursuing and if the supposed benefits live up to the hype.

A Path to Pure and Glowing Skin
It seems as though a large number of cosmetics companies have taken note of the positive effects of using activated charcoal in skincare. However, if you have been paying closer attention to Youtube, you have seen how painful it is to actually peel the mask of your face, and people are left wondering whether they have any skin left. Still, as many skin experts agree that charcoal really does wonders to absorb excess oil and purify skin this beauty tool should not be dismissed yet. So, instead of turning to the now infamous peel-off, you can make your own mask with the addition of only water and make a mud mask that purifies and your skin safely. Another great solution is to leave your face in the hands of professionals and book a charcoal-based facial with someone who knows what they are doing. With all said, when it comes to your precious face, the verdict is: yes, this ingredient can do wonders, but make sure you use it properly.

The Picture-Perfect Smile
By now, you are probably all too well familiar with the alternative method of teeth whitening using activated charcoal. However, more often than not this alternative method is not just ineffective, but according to Dr. Peter Auster it can even be potentially harmful. While absorbing some of the stains, it might also strip your teeth off the good bacteria, causing more long-term harm than good. Australians are known for their love of natural and alternative methods, but they are also one of the top nations when it comes to dental health. They still largely rely on safe and effective conventional methods, such as the internal bleaching procedure. This is a well-known method of whitening the teeth, done by professionals in a controlled environment. If you are considering this procedure, the first step would be to turn to experts, such as Australian Dental Specialists, for advice. You shouldn't turn to using activated charcoal on your own, at least not without careful professional supervision from your dentist.

Scrub That Bod
If it can do wonders in purifying your face, why not indulge in a full and deep whole-body cleanse using charcoal as one of the ingredients. Since the texture of charcoal is slightly grainy, you can safely mix it with honey, essential oils, or a body wash of your choice and exfoliate that bod. And since there are no suggestions or evidence to the negative side effect, the verdict is yes, charcoal makes for a mean body scrub, so happy and safe scrubbing gals!

The Care for Healthy Hair
If you have the type of hair that gets greasy quickly at the root, but at the same time you are combating dry ends, using an activated charcoal hair mask could be a good solution for your problems, as it is powerful in absorbing oil. It is also beneficial for those fighting dandruff, and flat, lifeless hair. There is however, a catch. If you have a sensitive scalp, this routine might do more harm than good as it may strip your hair of good oils that naturally moisturize and nourish your hair. The best advice here is to give it a test run by adding a teaspoon of activated charcoal to your shampoo and use it as you normally would and compare the pre and post results. If you only see positive effects, then you are safe to commit to a charcoal based shampoo or mask.

Beauty From Within
The final craze under examination in this guide is the usage of activated charcoal for health purposes – putting your tummy at ease and collecting and absorbing any toxins related to food or alcohol poisoning. First off, when it comes to a poisoning of any kind, charcoal should be prescribed and administered by a medical professional. Doctors know exactly what dosage is required and allowed, and how often it should be taken, so leave it to them. As for regular detoxes and reduction of bloating, the only risk is that of an overdose, which can result in severe cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, so before you buy this supplement consult your physician on the dosage and frequency of usage for the sake of benefits, but also safety.

Final Words
With everything said, it is safe to conclude that one element is not always the solution to all your problems. Charcoal can be highly beneficial as long as you are well-informed on how and in which forms to use it.

- Blogpost written by Zara Lewis.
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