24 December 2015

Frank Sinatra - I'll be Home for Christmas




Feliz Navidad !

BING CROSBY "White Christmas" 1942 par Ultra_White_Forever

this is the Christmas tree of my dear friend Clara ahah ♥
It looks too lovely not to be shared with you!
Happy holidays x

6 December 2015

quote of the week

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller

4 December 2015

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on.

Hello, my beautiful birds! I guess this post is a little tribute to everyone and everything around me at this exact moment. Like any of us here, life gets the best of me at times. In the end, those are not the moments that count. We can choose to stay in the past or to live in the present. A long time ago, I chose to live in the now. And everyday I'm amazed. There isn't a day that goes by when life or people don't surprise me. Life and people are fiercely surprising and unpredictable. You can't control everything. You can never know for sure what will happen today or tomorrow. There is always a silver lining. No matter how often or how bad the universe kicks you, always get back up on your feet. You can do anything. You're always stronger than you think. I'm tired of people bringing each other down. Seriously, why do they feel the need to be such assholes all the time ? Don't be a prick. It's as simple as that. Life isn't about who is better than the rest. It's about being yourself and living your life the way you entend to live it. I choose to share with you today, the reasons why I still believe that even after what happens everyday in this stupid world, life is still a shade of grey. I refuse to lose faith in humanity. We can still make tomorrow a better day and a better world. Thanks for reading ♥

1. my family & my cat who thinks he is a dog ; my old friend who is my family (♥) ; my friends, those who make me laugh and always brighten up my world by their presence (some of you should recognize themselves here, right?) & those stupid kids I love.
2. books, tea, Arts, fashion and tv shows which make life so much easier.
3. being able to have a nice flat and food on my table every day. Not everyone has that chance. Remember how lucky you are. Keep your feet on the ground, kiddo.
4. To everyone who gave me chance - or not - and led me to where I'm right now : thank you so much. I wouldn't be the person I'm today without any of those people.
5. To everyone who ever believed in me : thanks a milion. Yes I'm thinking of a special teacher. I'll never forget any of the words he said to me. Words are powerful. More than one could ever think. Bad or good they never leave your mind.

8 November 2015

while I've been gone

Hello, my beautiful birds! What have you been up to? It's been so long... Saying my absence was only due to lack of time would be lying. I've been struggling. Struggling with what to write and if I should keep writing on here. I feel like all of this is useless. However, I sort of miss having a place where I could just "speak my mind". I'm working on new contents and new directions for this blog. I would also like to change the design of serenbird but I can't find anything that would suit me... I'll keep you posted and thanks for reading ♥

Hello, my beautiful birds! Quoi de neuf? Cela fait bien trop longtemps. Ce serait mentir que de vous dire que mon absence est due exclusivement à un manque de temps. Je me questionne sur le fait de continuer ou non ce blog. J'ai du mal à trouver le temps d'écrire et l'envie d'écrire. J'ai l'impression que tout ceci est inutile. Cependant, écrire sur ce blog me manque. J'y ai trouvé "ma voix", un moyen d'exprimer ce qui me traverse l'esprit. Je réfléchis à des nouvelles idées d'articles et aux directions que je compte prendre. J'aimerais également changer de design mais je ne trouve rien qui me corresponde. Je vous remercie de continuer à me lire et je vous tiendrais au courant ♥

1 November 2015

quote of the week

She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with all her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything, but in the end, she settled for nothing.
Stacey T. Hunt, Game of Nightmares

12 October 2015

birthday (shopping) haul

Hello, my beautiful birds! I went on a bit of a shopping spree for my birthday. I went a bit cray-cray at Lush and I bought everything I needed in the skincare dept. I also bought a new hair mask because the old one was empty. I wanted to try a new one (a quick review will be live in a few days!). I also got a little hair brush which I can always carry in my handbag and a toner from The bodyshop. Most of them are empty products I repurchased.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this haul and thanks for reading ♥

Hello, my beautiful birds! Pour mon anniversaire, j'ai fait du shopping. J'ai fais des folies chez Lush et j'ai renouvelé ma routine beauté. J'ai également acheté un nouveau masque pour les cheveux car je n'en avais plus. J'ai choisi d'en tester un nouveau. (un article à son sujet sera posté dans les jours à venir.) Je me suis laissée tenter par une petite brosse en bambou que je peux toujours laissé dans mon sac et toner de chez the bodyshop. La plupart de ces articles sont des produits que j'ai racheté. J'espère que vous apprécierez ce haul. Je vous remercie de continuer à me lire ♥

10 October 2015

spend the day with me #3

1 October 2015

new additions to my makeup bag

Hello, my beautiful birds! From my wishlist, I bought those three things. As I recently decided to not get a new foundation, I bought a second make up sponge to apply my mac foundation. Real Techniques make up sponge is quite good and very soft. It's a good dupe for the beauty blender. Besides it only costs 10€. The mascara is wonderful. It's natural but it does add a bit of lenght and volume to my lashes. (HOWEVER THE NAME IS AHAHHA). The concealer is quite good. I'm adjusting to its color. I took a shade slightly yellow that I usually do so... Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this mini haul and thanks for reading ♥

Products from this mini haul :
≈ Too faced, better than sex mascara.
≈ urban decay, naked skin concealer.
≈ real techniques makeup sponge.

Hello, my beautiful birds! J'ai acheté ces trois objets de ma wishlist. Comme j'ai décidé de ne plus acheter de fond de teint, j'ai choisi à la place d'acheter une éponge à maquillage pour appliquer mon fond de teint de chez mac. J'ai choisi celle de real techniques. Cette dernière est très bien et assez douce. C'est un bon dupe pour la beauty blender. En plus, elle ne coûte que 10€. Le mascara est génial. Il donne un effet très naturel tout en ajoutant de la longueur et du volume à mes cils. (son nom en revanche... ahaha) L'anticernes est plutôt bien. Je dois cependant m'habituer à sa couleur. J'ai choisi une teinte un peu plus beige que ce que je prend habituellement. J'espère que vous apprécierez ce mini-haul. Je vous remercie de continuer à me lire ♥

30 September 2015


Hello, my beautiful birds! We all have those days. Those shitty days were everything go wrong. Those days without. Those days were your spirits are low. When I'm having one those days, I've a little music mix to help me get through this. I hope you'll enjoy my post and thanks for reading ♥

{ } Hello, my beautiful birds! Nous avons tous ces jours-là. Ces jours pourris où tout va de travers. Ces jours sans. Ces jours où notre moral est au plus bas. Lorsque cela m'arrive j'écoute cette petite playlist. Elle m'aide à me changer les idées. J'espère que vous apprécierez ces suggestions. Je vous remercie de continuer à me lire ♥

28 September 2015

my new bag ♥

Hello, my beautiful birds! For my birthday, my parents offered me this stunning VEGAN LEATHER handbag. Its size is medium. It is a light shade of grey. Kelly from GloopCreations and I talked together on Etsy for a while before I chose to order this bag. She made it herself. I got lucky enough as to choose the colour of this bag. She got it especially for me - how cool is that?! She was kind enough to offer me different grey alternatives. It was very fun. I can't get enough of this bag. It fits everything I need for a day of university or day out in the city. It's good for everyday wear. It's good quality and has a lovely finish. It's really well made. The delivery was fast and secure. Kelly is adorable, reliable and understanding which is a big bonus. You can get my bag here or a similar one.
I'm so happy to share with you this little shop I discovered on Etsy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do and thanks for reading ♥

Her Etsy shop :
≈ GloopCreations

" Hi!
My name is Kelly and I am a student οf architecture at the technical university of Athens.
The whole idea of creating jewlery started for me when our school was on strike for a very long time (3 months) and I had some remains of brass from a model that I had been working on for a school project. I started playing with the pieces and soon I was creating rings for my mother and my friends. When the funds of my scholarship were delayed due to the strike, I decided it was time for me to start selling my jewlery to local bazaars. The attempt was quite successful so I started making bags and purses. I find it really intriguing trying to understand the way a purse is constructed and shaped and when I received a sewing machine as a nameday present, things really took off. This is when I decided to start my etsy shop, because I could finally offer a more professional and polished outcome. I try to create bags with simple geometric lines, that always have something special on them. I try to make bags that are chic, without being too classic or indefferent. I hope you enjoy my designs!
Thanks for visiting,
You can find her shop here.
* This post was not sponsored. It's my genuine and very own opinion. I really loved her bag and think she deserves to be noticed.

{ } Hello, my beautiful birds! Pour mon anniversaire, mes parents m'ont offert ce magnifique sac en cuir vegan. Il est de taille moyenne et de couleur gris clair. J'ai parlé avec Kelly de GloopCreations pendant un petit moment sur Etsy avant de passer ma commande. Elle l'a fabriqué elle-même. J'ai eu la chance de pouvoir choisir la couleur de ce sac. Kelly a été chercher cette couleur spécialement pour moi. Si ce n'est pas génial! Elle m'a gentiment proposé plusieurs teintes de gris. C'était très amusant. Je ne me passe plus de ce sac. Il me permet de transporter mes affaires pour l'université. Il est parfait pour aller en cours ou pour se balader en ville. Il est parfait pour tous les jours. Il est de bonne qualité et est très bien fini. Il est vraiment très bien fait. La livraison a été rapide et sécurisée. Kelly est adorable, fiable et très compréhensive. Ce qui est un bonus! Vous pouvez acheter mon sac ici ou encore un modèle similaire. Je suis contente de partager avec vous ma dernière trouvaille : cette petite boutique présente sur Etsy. J'espère que vous l'apprécierez autant que moi. Je vous remercie de continuer à me lire ♥

Vous pouvez trouver sa boutique ici.
* Cet article n'est pas sponsorisé. Il contient mon honnête et personnel avis. J'ai apprécié son sac. C'est donc pour cela que j'ai choisi de vous en parler.

27 September 2015

4 autumn lipsticks

17 September 2015


Hello everyone. First, I'm sorry for not blogging this week. I've been busy but mostly very tired. I don't feel very well. I'm a bit down on every side. I'm trying to BE POSITIVE but clearly not well enough. It's a whole new chapter of my life. I've been questionning a lot of choices and a lot of things which only managed to bring me further down but anyway I wanted to let you know I'm still here. I still want to blog. I love writing, sharing with you. It allows me to find my own voice. I'm always amazed to see that you do care about anything I write here. I'm always so amazed by the fact that someone reads me. It's crazy. It's absolutely wonderful. I'm so grateful for everything. I'm blessed but yet, I feel sad. How selfish can I be, am I right ? I have no right to complain about my life. And there goes my guilt again. Anyway, you've probably had enough of my last life crisis. I'll soon manage to sit down and write again. I'll let you know, baby birds. By the way, the photograph above was taken in my new flat! Thanks again for reading. I'm sorry again ♥ And don't ever forget that you're amazing!

{ } Bonjour! Tout d'abord, je vous prie de m'excuser pour ne pas avoir posté sur le blog cette semaine. J'ai été très occupée mais surtout très fatiguée. Je ne me sens pas très bien ces derniers temps... Je n'ai pas non plus le moral. J'essaie de rester positive mais je ne semble pas vraiment y parvenir. C'est un tout nouveau chapitre de ma vie. Je questionne beaucoup de choses mais aussi mes choix passés. Ce qui m'attire bien sûr du mauvais côté de la balance. Enfin, je ne pense pas que cela vous intéresse énormément. Je souhaitais écrire ce petit mot pour vous informer que je suis toujours là. Je désire toujours écrire sur mon blog. J'adore écrire et partager avec vous. Cela me permet de trouver ma propre voix. Je suis toujours aussi émerveillée de voir que ce que je peux écrire ici vous intéresse. Je suis toujours aussi surprise par le fait que quelqu'un puisse me lire. C'est fou. C'est tellement merveilleux. Je suis vraiment reconnaissante pour tout ça. Je me sens terriblement chanceuse. Je suis chanceuse et pourtant je suis triste. Je suis terriblement égoïste, n'est-ce pas? Je n'ai aucun droit de me plaindre. Et voilà, ma culpabilité qui revient. Enfin, vous en avez sûrement marre d'entendre parler de ma crise existentielle. Je devrais essayer de me remettre à écrire bientôt. Je vous tiendrais au courant, mes oiseaux. Par ailleurs, la photo ci-dessus a été prise dans mon nouvel appartement. Je vous remercie de me lire et je suis désolée encore une fois.. ♥ Prenez soin de vous, les birds. Et vous êtes les meilleurs, ne l'oubliez pas!

11 September 2015

new hair, new haul

9 September 2015

I have a tendency to kick it up. I like to rattle the cage.
- Lisa Marie Presley

7 September 2015

wishlist ~ september

4 September 2015

Beauty Blender vs Kiko blender

2 September 2015

my makeup essential

31 August 2015

5 movies to watch

Bonjour! In this blog post I give you 5 ideas of movies to watch on your spare time. These are movies I enjoy watching and are my favorite movies. You might have seen some of them. Don't hesitate to share with me your 5 favorite movies. I'm always looking forwards to new movies to watch! Take care, gorgeous people x
Thanks again for reading and I hope you will enjoy this ♥ And don't ever forget that you're amazing!

{ } Bonjour! Bonjour! Dans cet article, vous pourrez trouver 5 idées de films à regarder pendant votre temps libre. Ce sont des films que j'ai apprécié et qui sont parmi mes films préférés. Vous avez sûrement déjà vu certains d'entre eux. N'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos propres films préférés. J'apprécie toujours de découvrir des nouveaux films, hihi. J'espère que vous apprécierez cet article et merci de me lire ♥ Prenez soins de vous, bisous. Et vous êtes les meilleurs, ne l'oubliez pas!

1. the spectacular now2. confessions of a shopaholic 3. the help 4. st. vincent 5. Focus 6. The secret life of Walter Mitty

28 August 2015

estee lauder vs rimmel london { a concealer battle }

26 August 2015

{tips} the ' don't ' makeup edition

The main theme of this topic is 4 tips I gathered and decided to share with you. Those tips involves makeup. They are things I could gather. It's perfect science or anything like that. It's simply some things I noticed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little blog. Thanks for reading me and being here with me ♥

it's just too much. It doesn't look good either.

Your skin will look even more pale and it won't be natural at all. (think clown, here.)

It takes time and if you do it quickly it'll look messy and irregular. You may just as well messed up the rest of your face in the process... (trust me it could happen...)

It will look messy and uneven. You might get nailpolish on everything.

One thing I have learnt while doing my maleup is that less is always better in the makeup department. Don't over do it! Stay simple and truthful. You probably still want to recognize yourself afterwards. Hiding your flaws or things you're not comfortable with is alright but don't push it. I think everyone is perfect on their own way. I think makeup is a way to feel better and to feel more like yourself. Applying a mask of fakeness on your already pretty face won't be of any use.

24 August 2015

From a tea lover perspective

23 August 2015

my new concealer

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