Makeup Items I love this month

20 November 2014

Here are three items I absolutely love and am using everyday this month.

~ estée lauder, double wear light
This is a foundation. You might have read, heard about it a lot by now. I now it's pretty famous amongst the blogging world. I finally decided to go back to foundation as winter is approaching. I like this one as it's not too heavy or too different from my skintone. I don't think anyone wants to look orangey.

~ m.a.c cosmetics concealer
My Nars running low I settled for this baby after thinking and comparing different products. I almost got the liquid one but was advise by a friend to do otherwise. So thanks again to you, chica! It's a first for me to use a concealer that is not liquid. Honestly, I love this product and how it looks and still covers my dark circles quite well. It last all days too! What more can a girl ask for ? Maybe sellers at M.A.C that are not a** ! I used to go a lot in this store a couple years ago. I do not remember that there were so many obnoxious tools there! I guess our mind only remembers the good.

~ real technique brush
Being a Real Techniques lover I could not say no to this brush. I use it to apply my new concealer and pretty much any concealer of any sort or such. I love it as always. I REGRET IT NOTHING, my dear empty wallet haha !

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