The Bodyshop tea tree

29 June 2014

I have bought those products in May (I think? Not sure, I've lost count of my crazy, lately.) And have included them in my skincare routine since then. I wanted to try also the Tea Tree mask but it wasn't available - not fault of trying to get my hand on it! I really like the toner. It does feel like it tighten the pores and clear the skin without being too harsh. I was afraid that those products were not going to work with my sensitive skin. It does work quite well. The smell is kind of weird, I'd admit but I like it. The one that was not as good as I expected is probably the facial squeaky-clean scrub. It's good but not too good. It slightly does what it claims to do. I am not quite convinced but I've never been convinced when it comes to facial scrub. I don't honestly feel like it does really work well with me.

I'll definitely recommend both but if I had to choose between the two I'd go for the Toner. I use the toner both morning and night before applying my moisturiser and after cleaning my face.

Have you ever try any product from The Bodyshop ? Do you like the tea tree products ?

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