Pixi mini haul

13 June 2014

My eyes’ primer was empty so I figured it was time to try a new one. So I bought Pixi eye bright primer no.1. It does the job, nothing more and nothing less. I would not wear it as an eye shadow like my old one. It just protects your eyes. I'm not 100% fan of this product but it works well as a primer.
Well, I've always wanted to try a shadow pen. This one is from Pixi (again!). It lasts a long time indeed and is highly pigmented. It's not a gentle gold at all (on my eyelids at least). It's easy and quick to apply. My only regret is probably that I was looking for a more subtle colour - but it might be my fault, gold after all is not subtle on a pale skin tone.
So as you might have gathered so far, I have mixed feelings on this mini haul. Let me know what you think and if you know those products.

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