Dallas, an outdoor glow for an indoor gal

24 May 2014

~ So hello there ♥ ~
I am very fond of the wonderful Benefit Cosmetics brand. I had not ever tried this brand before. But I am now a proud owner of this beautiful blush. I bought it last Wednesday. It's a natural and glowy brush/bronzer. I adore this product! This powder has both pinkish and tan hues, so it can be used as a nice, summery blush or a sheer natural - looking contouring powder! The included brush is soft and easy to use, but you can also use a blush/bronzer brush if you prefer! I use Dallas as a blush and I love the color. Not too bright, not too dark.... For once it fits perfectly my ridiculously pale skin. I had a great lot of trouble finding a blush that didn't make me look like a clown but DALLAS really works well on me. This has literally restored my faith in blush! Beautiful colour and easy to apply.
PS: I have a new camera so I'm experimenting on this side (a)

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