inspirational Friday female character : Dr. Mindy Lahiri

25 April 2014

As it is Friday today, after all and I wanted to make a tribute to my tv shows, this one is about another strong - but fictional - woman figure (you probably have seen my last two). I know a doctor again but they're pretty much incredibly different those two! If you don't know THE MINDY PROJECT, you're missing out on something! It's pretty hilaricious (:

« The Mindy Project's main character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, is a Princeton-educated OB-GYN, and she's the first South Asian-American character to anchor a network sitcom. She is also kind of a jerk. She loves to gossip. She doesn't really care about climate change. Her personal spirituality extends little beyond an aesthetic appreciation for the various animal-headed Hindu gods. At times, it seems her wardrobe and love life take precedence over her career in medicine. She lies about having kids to get into trendy bars. » according to the Atlantic. And I have to admit, she is quite something that Mindy! ;)

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