April's foolish shoes wishlist

3 April 2014

Forever 21 ~ one + two + three .

So yeah, it is that time of year when you have all those (deadly) limits, things to do and exams coming up your way all at once. The only thing you have to do is go for it ahaha! But soon it will all be over. So here is to everyone of you in the same situation : HOLD ON AND STAY STRONG YOU CAN DO IT I BELIVE IN YOU! ROCK THE SH** OUT OF IT ;)
Anyhow, in this article I will show you the shoes I intend to buy as soon as I have enough money to do - it is quite tight lately. If you have not noticed it yet, I'm quite a shoes fanatic. I just can't get enough. And this month I dream of new shoes for this summer. I am well aware that I have about one closet of shoes but what can I say... A girl can never have enough shoes! So let me know what you think and which one you'd like yourself (a)

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