favourite shoe brand

3 February 2014

OFFICIAL STEVE MADDEN WEBSITE but you can also find the brand on asos and several other websites or shops.
I have one brand that I am clearly in love with. It has clearly been the American brand from Steve Madden. It made noise most recently in The Wolf of Wall Street's movie with L. Di Caprio. I was pleased to see that a shop near by was selling them. But today, they no longer do so... Such a tragedy for a shoe lover such as myself :( So not cool ! So I had to order on their official website. It cost me a fortune - not really but still more than it should have - but it was so worth it ! I did it once and I honestly don’t know if I will do it again - too complicated and expensive for my taste, taxes are not cool at all - so if you are lucky enough to have a shop near by, you should rush and buy those gorgeous, comfy and high quality shoes. Honestly I have never wore any shoes that were so comfy and that can last for so long. I own 6 pairs of Madden but one was stolen on an event while I was doing a presentation for a commercial campaign. So sad, it was one of my favourites high heels sandals. There is one pair that I wear almost every day – if I could I am sure I will. And you are lucky enough cause even through I bought mine a couple years ago they still do a similar model called : “troopa”. Those booties go well with so much things in my wardrobe. I always get compliments on it even today ! Crazy!
As you might have realized by now even through it is not very cheap I love the Madden's Shoes . If there was a shop near by where I could buy more of their shoes I honestly would own almost the entire brand. I know I am a bit too enthusiastic over shoes… But what can I say I am a shoe lover.

What do you thing ? Do you own any ?
Sorry again for my cat being always on the middle, she has been supporting over my blog's post lately!
Hope you don't mind ;) See you soon, lovelies !


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  3. Thank you girls, you're the sweetest ♡