SEPHORA MASKS { review }

2 October 2016

Hiiii there, lovebirds! I hope all is well for you. I picked up those sheet masks on Tuesday. I wanted to do a review for you. I'm so intrigued by those. They are everywhere at the moment. Sheet masks are trending. Beauty trends come and go so I decided to find out what the fuss was about. I'm not that into sheet masks. I don't like the idea of having a sheet of paper stuck to my face... Yep, I'm THAT WEIRD. I mean, don't you find it a bit weird that you have to put a piece of paper on your face ?

Brand description :

1. EYE MASK. Reduces signs of fatigue, awakens, and tones the eye for a rested, energetic look.
2. FOOT MASK. Comforts and nourishes dry feet and softens rough areas with almond extract.

How to use them :
1. Suggested Usage:
-Remove the protective film from both white fiber patches.
-Position the patches under each eye area, as shown in the diagram on the package.
-Leave them on for 15 minutes, then remove and gently massage any excess product into the skin.
-No need to rinse.

2. Suggested Usage:
-Put the socks on clean, dry feet.
-Peel the paper film off the tab, and then fold around the ankle and press to close well.
-Leave socks on for 20 minutes.
-Gently massage any excess product into the skin.
-No need to rinse.

My opinion :
1. I used it exactly as advised above and didn't notice any change. I have very severe dark circles and this eye mask did nothing at all. Maybe this product would be more useful to those who don't have that much dark circles. It had a lovely smell and it was funny to use. I'm so disappointed that it didn't work on me... It wasn't something for me. I would be curious to know if anyone tried this and had a good result?! Let me know if you did!

2. Well, let me tell you, 20 minutes with something on your feet, feels like forever. I didn't want to walk with the socks/foot mask so I stayed put. Oh boy, it wasn't easy! - yes, it's as funny as it sounds ahahah. I love the smell of this Almond foot mask. I kind of fancy almond in general so I might be biased. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any change. At first, my feet seemed softer but after a few moments they were back to their normal state. It didn't lasted for more than 20 minutes. I feel like my Heel Genius from Soap & Glory does a better job!

Do I recommend this product?
1. Not really unless you get occasional dark circles. Then, maybe this eye mask could work on you.
2. I won't be buying this foot mask ever again. I'm so disappointed! Even if it smells great in the end, it doesn't really work so what's the point?

Sadly, I won't be buying those Sephora Sheet masks any time soon. Luckily, it wasn't terribly expensive but still it's quite disappointing. I would be curious to know if anyone tried those masks and had different results. It might simply be that those masks weren't a good fit for me.
Share your thoughts on those sheet masks in the comments below. Have you tried anything from that Sephora sheet Mask range? What is your favourite sheet mask? Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon ♥

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