photo diary : my weekend away

23 April 2016 Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Heeey lovelies! As you might know, a few weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Amsterdam. It was really nice. I got to discover Amsterdam. I had never been to Netherlands or even Amsterdam. Actually, I had never been to any country where I didn't speak the language. It was sooo unsettling. No matter how hard I would focus, I couldn't make up even one word that would make any sense. I can understand English, French, Spanish and Italian but also a few words of German and Russian. However, in that case, it was no help. Anyway, fortunately, most people in Amsterdam seem to speak fluent English. (hooray!) I've to admit, it was such a relief.

We had such a beautiful weekend. It was sunny and very clear. Sadly, Amsterdam was crowded that weekend. People were everywhere and so were raging bicycles. I couldn't believe it. Honestly, I even thought of burning a bike as soon as I got home - in honour of Amsterdam, of course. Joke aside, it definitely was absolutely frantic!

We decided to stay in an airbnb. Our host was absolutely delightful and his flat was sooo stylish! We ate local food and probably gained about 200 pounds in only one weekend - but well, food is life. In fact, we went twice to the same café - we kinda fell in love with their pastries! We did two museums : the Van Gogh and Rijks museums - I was advised by lovely people. I agree with everybody else. If you're there, check them out! I'm very fond of Rijksmuseum!
We walked around Amsterdam. I met a very nice Makeup Artist from the Charlotte Tilburry's counter at Bijenkorf. André was sooo talented and taught me valuable things! I'm soo thankful! It was definitely worth the wait... Consequently, I wanted to buy a few bits and bobs from Charlotte Tilburry but a lot of their products were sold out. Lucky me!

This little trip was a good trip but it was also sooo exhausting. It took me about 2 days to recover ahahahahaha I'm sooo glad I got the chance to go somewhere I didn't know. I'm so happy I discovered a new culture and city. I learnt a lot in just 2 days and a half. I wouldn't give it up for the world. I was asked several times if I entend to go back there... Honestly, I don't know. Probably not, Amsterdam was a bit too hectic for me...

I hope you enjoyed this photo diary :) It's always a pleasure sharing my days with you!
I was thinking of doing some sort of Vlog of my trip, would you be interested in seeing that? :)
I will see you soon and thanks for reading. ♥

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