tangle teezer, the original

3 April 2015

Tangle teezer doesn't need any introduction. I think at this point everybody has at least heard about it. This brush comes from England - so they say. It is famous all around the world and used by so many people. I think on the blogger's world there are not many people who don't use it. However, it is not cheap. Considering its price I was quite reluctant but then my former brush was on pieces so I decided to buy the brush Tangle Teezer, the original. Shortly I will tell you what I think about this brush. Is it worth the hype?

La brosse Tangle Teezer n'a sûrement plus besoin d'être introduite. Elle est connue de tous à présent. Cette brosse nous vient tout droit d’Angleterre (du moins d'après leur publicité). Tangle Teezer aurait révolutionné l’histoire du démêlage dans le monde entier. Je pense en tout cas qu'au sein de la blogosphère, celle-ci est très utilisée. Cependant, cette brosse a un coup assez important. En prenant en compte son prix, j'étais assez réticente à payer aussi cher pour une brosse à cheveux. Ma brosse n'étant pas en très bon état, j'ai fini par céder à la tentation. Au travers de cet article, je vous transmettrais mon avis sur la Tangle Teezer, the Original.

What I like/Ce que j'aime :
I like how easy it untangles my hair. It doesn't hurt too much. The brush is so pretty you want to brush your hair with it ahah. I love the high gloss finish. It sorts out snagged, knotted hair in seconds. Shaped so it's easy to grip, I'm pleased with the product! It’s really good for wet hair and dry hair.

What I appreciate the least/Ce que j'ai le moins aimé : I love my Tangle Teezer but is it worth paying that much for a brush ? The price tag is a bit exaggerated. It doesn't hurt when you brush your hair but the 'no pulling, tugging or yanking' isn't always true. I was also surprised by the size of this brush. Somehow, I expected it smaller. It doesn't feel as good quality as the compact Tangle Teezer.

Size/Taille : 0.5/1
Design : 1/1
Conformity/Conformité : 1/1
Ergonomics/Ergonomie : 0.5/1
Quality/Price : 0.5/1



  1. I'm surprised at how many people use this product! I remember when it first came out and then it just blew up. I haven't used this product because I don't really have tangle problems but I'm so happy with the result of this product's popularity!

    doitfortheirony.com / creative + lifestyle blog

  2. I agree. It became famous pretty quickly! I guess I'm a bit late on the trend ;) I've never been very found of following the trends anyway. Thanks a lot for your comment. Take care x

  3. This is something new for me.... seems like a good brush! Thanks for sharing it! xx

  4. Oh really! I'm surprised... I'm glad you liked it :)
    Thanks for your comment x