Style Inspirations

11 April 2015

Style should always be personal. It's something built over years and years. Something, which is never fixated, and constantly evolving. I know I don't always shop for everything in the same place. I don't like to wear things that are 'trending' as well. I don't think you should follow trends. I prefer following my heart. I sometimes mix "cheap" clothes with high end clothing. I mix everything together. I always shop with an idea in my head of what I am looking for. What effect am I trying to create ? What look am I going for here? Whether it is a pattern or a colour, you can be sure I always have something on my mind. Sometimes, I go on pinterest to seek inspiration. However, I have a couple of inspirations gurus. For instance, I like how Lauren Conrad, Olivia Palermo, Shay Mitchell, Rachel Bilson or even Holland Rodden are dressed but doesn't mean I copy how they are dressed but I might pick one item similar or reproduce one of their style with my own personal touch.

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