Tiny Kiko haul + { review }

23 April 2017

Hello lovebirds, It has been quite some time since I've purchased any makeup or even anything from Kiko. You & I both know this girl has expensive tastes. - Unfortunately. She loves pretty and expensive things. However, I'm never one against drugstore makeup. Some things I like to splurge on and some others things I prefer to save up on. Let's face it, I've tried so many makeup products now that I kinda know my shit. Basically, I know what to shop and where. I know what products I can purchase and not be disappointed.

This time, I picked up a few things. The brush cleanser is something I've always wanted to try. I want to compare it to the one from Sephora. The second item is Intensive Hand&Foot Scrub. I was seduced by the idea of a hand and feet scrub. I mean, who wouldn't ? It seems like such an awesome idea! The lipstick is a new edition of an old time favourite. It's Kiko's Unlimited Double Touch 122 lipstickin the shade : "burgundy". We all know this shade has my name written all over it... How was I supposed to resist? Last but not least, Coloured Balm 06 is a basic thing. The kind of things you lazily put on your lips on your way to work or in the bathroom of a small coffee shop. A splash of colour that hydrates your lips.

― Unlimited Double Touch 122.
I've now worn this lipstick for at least 4 times. I have found that this new formula is quite different from the old one. It's more liquid and less opaque. It doesn't dry as much as the old one. It lasts less. To be honest, I could wear the old version all day and not have to reapply it but this one I have to reapply if I drink too much teas. I definitely need a lipstick that don't vanish after a few drinks... If you have met any, please, send them my way...

― Brush Cleanser.
I was quite disappointed with this product. I don't feel like it works at all. At least, on the first try, it didn't clean my dirty brushes. They were only "wet". When swipped on a tissue, there are residue of makeup but that's all. It didn't really do the trick... It's a bit harsh as well. I wouldn't recommend this at all.

― Coloured Balm 06.
I don't have much to say on this product. It's a pretty basic thing. Nothing awesome to report. It doesn't add any colour to my lips. It's quite thick and sticky. It stays on my lips for quite some time. I'm not a big fan of that shinny/glossy/sticky effect but it feels like my lips are more nourished. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I didn't notice anything life changing. Nevertheless, it smells freaking amazing. It is sooo addictive!

― Intensive Hand&Foot Scrub.
I've tried this on my hands - Bare in mind that I've very dry hands. - and didn't have much hopes but still, I ended up being disappointed. I didn't notice much difference at first so I decided to keep using it. I'm thinking maybe it's more about how often you use it. Maybe if I use it often I will notice a difference?! I don't know... I will keep you updated. I guess, this review is TO BE CONTINUED!

Have you tried any of those products? Do you have any ideas on what I should try next?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

I hope you enjoyed this little mini haul & review.
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