Friendly reunion 2.0 ♣

26 April 2017 Lille, France

Hello my lovely birds! I hope you're having a good week thus far. I spent Easter weekend in the cute city of Lille. I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with one of my bestfriends. She showed me around. We did a bit of strolling down the beautiful streets of Lille. We had a good catching up session. Oh boy, how much we had to catch up on! We ate a lot of good - not so healthy- food . We talked for hours, we laughed, walked around, ate a lot, went to cute coffee shops and did some shopping. The weather was great. It was absolutely lovely! I got to spend the weekend with one of my bestfriends and discover Lille. For what more can a girl ask for?

As for the city itself, I was so surprised. I didn't picture Lille to be this way at all. It's a mix between England & Netherlands. The people there are so friendly and polite. I could see myself living there. Maybe, if my life allows me I'll go back there for a week. I definitely want to see more of you, Lille! So until next time, Lille!

Let me know what you've been up to in the comments below! Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

I hope you enjoyed this photo diary.
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