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9 July 2014

WHERE TO SHOP IT ? on the official website or in the nearest shop.

I could not stress enough how sorry I'm for my irregular posting on the blog. I have a very short window of time it seems. I am having a bit of a situation right now. I have a lot to deal with and it is getting hard to be a good blogger. That is why, I'm thinking about 'not blogging' for a while - until things settle down. I am leaving for my holiday soon. I'll be traveling across England for 2 weeks. I'm very excited and anxious about it.

What the brand says :
A pre-wash treatment to help keep hair shiny, bright and conditioned. This moisturising hair mask contains an army of brighteners including lemon, chamomile and saffron infusions, plus essential oils to gently lighten fair hair over time, as if it’s been kissed by the sun. Marilyn can also help blondes maintain their hue that has potential to become brassy over time. We’ve used lemon to add shine, and used linseed mucilage, a gel made from boiling the seeds, to soften and moisturise. Olive oil helps to strengthen the hair shaft, so you’re less prone to breakage.

The price :
£9.50 - 225 G but I've had mine for several months.

How to apply it :
When my hair is feeling particularly dry and crispy I slather this stuff on, let it sit for an hour or two then take a bath/shower and rinse it out.

What I think about this product :
I bought it back when my hair was still blonde. It made my hair shinier but since my hair is not very dry but mostly greasy I don't use it too often. I have not quite seen the highlighting effect of it to be honest but it did help with brassiness when I had some. Although, I am no longer blonde I use it when my hair gets too dark or dumb. I leave this in over night and wash it out in the morning :)

Was it worth spending my money on it? Do I regret buying such item and will I recommend it to anyone ?
it's very messy stuff, not easy to apply at all for me. I like how it smells even if at first it felt weird. Smell is not a big deal for me if the product performs well. However, I don't think I'll buy it again. I like this product but I think it works better on blonde hair.

Pros :
- shine, strength and silkiness
- deep conditioning

Cons :
- I use it once a month or else my hair is too greasy
- no lightening effect on me

Do you know this lush shampoo ? See you soon, baby birds!

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