My abiding issue : hair

30 June 2014

I have been experiencing a lot with my hair those past two years. I don't seem to find my hair 'signature' if it means something to you. I am definitely searching what should be my hairstyle. I think I liked my blond hair but I kind of like my now light brown ends. I don't know maybe I should mixed up the two ? Anyway, I recently went from blond to dark brown hair. At first, I was quite petrified when my hair went red... I had red tones under the sun and jet black under the cloudy sky. I have nothing against Red hair, I just don't like it on me. I tried my silver shampoo and it only made some purple-ish tones on my hair. It was a bloody nightmare for me. It may seem shallow but I feel like my hair is a very important part of me. It kind of represents a person in a way. I think it is one of the first things a person can remember about you. Your hair colour is something that defines you - at least, in my opinion.

So I did some online digging and took some money out of my savings in order to get a more satisfying result. I found out about Christophe Robin Variation Care online while searching for something to fix my hair situation.

What the brand says :
Banish those red tones from your hair with this Christophe Robin Shade Variation in Ash Brown. Specially formulated to counterbalance the effects that cause red tones to appear and leave you with a pure brown hue. Christophe Robin Shade Variation in Ash Brown has an ultra protective formula that shields hair against the damage that external aggressors can cause. The shade variation care is formulated oxidant, ammonia, paraben and silicon free.

The price :
It isn't cheap at all. It cost about £35.00 or €43.76.

How to apply it :
It's very easy to apply. You need to use gloves when applying it otherwise your fingers may quickly be coloured as well. You need to apply it on towel-dried hair after using your shampoo to wash your hair. Emulsify, leave on for 5 to 30 minutes depending on the intensity you want and then, rinse thoroughly. Wash your hand immediately after application to avoid colouring your nails. Of course, you should avoid any contact with your eyes.

What I think about this product :
I love the fact that this product is paraben, silicone, oxidants and ammonia FREE. I think it does what is said without drying the hair. At least, in my case, it helped with my unwanted red tones. It keeps the brassiness away. Unfortunately it does not last but I have read online that in order to keep it in line, you have to use this mask once a week.

Was it worth it spending so much money? Do I regret buying such item and will I recommend it to anyone ?
Yes, it was in my case. I think it was not a mistake for me to buy this expensive product. I have tried so many products and was very upset with the outcome of my new hair colour but I can say now that it's getting in a good direction. I'm not having the hair I really want right now but it's coming towards it and Robin's Shade Variation in Ash Brown helped. I don't regret buying it even through I wish it was not so expensive but I guess sometimes quality does have a price. I would recommend it to anyone with natural, coloured or highlighted brown hair that tends to get brassy and dull over time.

Pros :
- help with neutralizing red tones.
- makes your hair shinny and soft.
- does not harm the hair at all.

Cons :
- price
- doesn't last for long
- take at least 30 minutes to get rid of very deep red tones and two use to be very noticeable.

Let me know what you think about it! And I'll see you soon, baby birds!

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