5 good things of 2017

3 January 2018

Hello my birds, happy new year! I hope all is well.

2017 - This year has been quite challenging for me. I lost the most important person in my life. It was my first Christmas and New Year Eve without my grandmother. I would spend every sunday at her house. I used to spend every Christmas break with her as well. It was our tradition. We would all come to her house on Christmas morning and have a big family meal. I would take care of her whenever she would need me. She was my rock, my Italian roots - a part of me. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't miss my nana. She was a big part of my world.

2017 had started so well and yet it unravelled a bigger loss than I expected. The world has become such a messed up world. This year was the definition of change.

I fell in love with someone I shouldn't have loved at all... I wasn't careful enough and fell for the wrong guy. It broke my heart all over again.

I also made a few mistakes along the way. Although, it was nothing major. What's for sure is that I learnt a lot in 2017. I learnt a lot about who I am as a person.

I cannot stand bullshit. Most of all, I don't have time for anything else than sheer happiness.

I got a new intership. I made some new friends and lost other friends along the way - or maybe I had already lost them a long time ago. I had a few good times and not so good times. I had a lot of sleepless nights. I danced and smiled more than I thought I could. I met different people. I said 'yes' to life more than I should have said 'no'.

If I had to sum it up, it would be someting like this:

1. I am human. I am not perfect. I am flawed but I'm not broken.
2. True friends will always stand by you no matter what. Friends are the family you pick.
3. Life has to be cherished and lived to the fullest. - aka late nights, good food, good drinks and tired feet.
4. Being busy and focused. Finding my way.
5. People. Don't get me wrong, they can be pretty awful. They are - at times - heartless monsters but sweet Jesus, - at other times - they can be so lovely. They can make me feel so special and loved. In the end, isn't that all one can wish for?

What are your 5 good things from 2017?

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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