An address to the world

4 June 2017

The truth is I'm at a loss for words. I find it hard to blog about make up and lifestyle when everything around us is crashing down. I love blogging. I love make up and lifestyle. I shouldn't probably let the bad things win. It's letting them win to give up, isn't it? But how can I keep going ? How can I pretend that nothing changed ? How can I pretend that this world is not a gigantic mess ?

I'm not afraid. I'm... Overwhelmed. This world has become so sad and so scary. It keeps on bringing hate and despair.

Where do we stand? Can't we press pause for just one second, love?

Life goes on. Life doesn't go well these days. It's chaos. It's tears and unity. I'm loosing hope in humanity and mankind. We have been fighting for years. We have been killing each other for years. When will it be enough?

Let's decide it's enough. Focus on the good. Focus on how united we need to be. We can be one. One big united world. We are not so different these days. We are all afraid and lonely. This is a scary and sad time to be.

There is nothing we can do. Pray and love without you.

My heart is broken. Broken to see how little humanity is left in us all. Please do not let fear dictate your actions.

This is not the end. Things will get better.


I don't really know what this was about. I guess it's only my address to the world. If there is anything you would like to add, please be free to do so. After all, Serenbird will always be a safe place - no matter what.
I'm lucky enough to have 500 amazing human beings following me and I wanted to let them know that they are not alone. I stand with you. Always and forever.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon ♥ x

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