last bits I bought this month

4 March 2015

I might be into haircare products a lot those past fews weeks. I konw I have had a bit of a hair drama so I'm fixing it. I also cut my hair as some of you might have seen on my Instagram. I love my new hair. It's shorter and healthier. I've been told I look more classy with short hair so well, it's a win. It was the first time I've ever had a short hairstyle. It was very scary but I'm happy I did it. I went into a bit of a hair haul. I picked a few shampoo (one of them is a travel size, the bumble + bumble one). I love the smell of my new tommyguns shampoo. One of my favourite. The hairmask I got is pretty good too. I didn't try the oil from Tony + guy yet. Do you like it?

I'm only writting in english today. Sorry guys. I hope you enjoyed my mini haul ♥

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