Why don't we ever stop ?

28 September 2014

Do you ever just take a moment ? Don't you ever just want to press "pause" on things ? Take a second, a minute and just look around you.
Look around and you'll notice things you never acknowledged before. Things like... The look they shared when he sat behind you. The laugh they could not hide. The look the bus driver had on his face when he had to go back to work. The fragile raindrops on the grass you're walking on. The way he talks about her. The way he misses her everyday since she left. The sadness that her smile hides. How lonely she really feels everyday. All those things we easily forget to look for.
I know Life can be quite OVERWHELMING sometimes. We tend to take it two ways : either too seriously or not seriously enough. It is easier to forget about the rest of the world. It is easier to focus on us sometimes, to focus on our issues rather than other's. Or there is this part when you actually focus too much into others that you forget about yourself.
I think. I think too much, to be honest. We all have those moments when our brain just "won't shut up". I guess it is its way of saying : " dude, you need to take a break from your life, like very soon. " At least, that is how I see it.

So my advice would be, whenever you feel like everything is just too much. Take a deep breath. No, actually make it three slow and deep breaths.

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