My makeup essential

19 September 2014

We all have those big headache just thinking about choosing between makeup products. What will I take if I could not take my whole makeup bag ? Some choices were easier than others. After all, we all have our favourite. In the end, if I had to narrow it down to just a few items, this is what it will be :

1. My Real Technique brushes which I bought on my summer trip.
2. Nars, Radiant Concealer.
3. CC cream (the one from Bourjois is quite ok, not the best that being said.)
4. Mascara, this one is from MUA.
5. Brown eyeliner. (I recently bought this one from Rimmel London)
6. Brow-volumizing fiber gel from Benefit, Gimme Brow in medium/light.
7. My new blush (also bought during my holiday... me, weak? huh.) which is from B.Cheeky. It's the 078 named SHERBET.

And you, what would you keep ?


  1. Great range of products! I just have Bourjois cc cream, but want to buy Nars Radiant Concealer. Do you like it?

    Z ♥

  2. Nice post! I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award- check my blog for details xx

  3. Love those brushes! Such nice quality!

  4. I agree they're pretty amazing! Yes, actually I have had it. It's definitely my favorite liquide concealer! I hope you enjoy it as well :)
    Thanks a lot for your comment, Z. x

  5. I agree they're puuuurfect!
    Thanks for your comment.